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Max Engineering Offers the best solution for your Grinding wheel dresser needs. With 20 years of experience designing and building durable innovative Diamond Grinding Wheel dressing systems including the industry's gold standard ExVision Software. Our people developed the Ex50 Grinding Wheel Dresser in 1993, then in 2003 we took what we learned and designed the Ex70. Now we have created the even Tougher Ex80 and it's the easiest to use and most accurate yet. You need a Max Engineering Inc wheel dressing machine.Max Engineering inc wheel dressing and truing spindle

Spindle OptionsSuper PrecisionHigh Precision

We build a variety of versions of the Ex80, each can be built as manual or CNC.

Capacity options are (Range of Diameters) : 

  • 0-16" [0-400mm]
  • 0-20" [0-500mm]
  • 0-26" [0-660mm] with swinging camera arm for Crane access.
  • 4-30" [100-750mm] with swinging camera arm for Crane access.

Manual machines have:

  • CNC/Ball Screw driven T-axis (Tangent Oscillating table slide)
  • CNC/Ball Screw driven Y-axis (Controls Diametrical position of Diamond or CBN wheel). This allows for a soft axis to enable inside dressing between wheels in a tight wheel pack.
  • CNC Camera System.
  • Manual/Ball Screw driven Z-axis (dressing wheel in feed).
  • Manual/Ball Screw driven X-axis (Diamond or CBN wheel Length).

CNC Machines Have:

  • All axes CNC/Ball Screw Driven.

Dressing Spindle Units

Machines and Software

Max Engineering Offers Dressing Spindle Systems

that can be adapted to your manual or CNC grinder. With our powerful and rigid Max12 Dresser

you can plunge your form into the CBN or conventional grinding wheel right on you machine.

dress angles or complex profiles using your machines motion.




Grinding Wheel Truing and Dressing Made Easy




We have expanded our line of  Dressing Spindle Units!

Max Engineering inc Wheel Dressing Machine

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